Whether you have been working late hours, or you are simply craving a late night snack, the night shop presents itself a safe haven for every city-dweller. With its bright lights and ubiquitous brands, it offers constant access to the goods we need or crave. But what does it mean to be able to consume at will?

Polly takes you to an upgraded night shop in Brussels, and invites you to take a closer look at the products we so often buy without giving them a second thought. By reclaiming an old night shop and filling it with her art, she challenges our notions of consumerism and the hold that marketing has on our attention spans.

So come on in, and see if you can withstand the temptation.

Opening January 12, at Indiandribble, Brussels



The group show explores the potential of ecstasy; in a duel with all that is obvious and mundane, its artists mix the frightful and the stunning, the unique and the obscene into arousing works that will absorb your senses and bring you in a state of bliss.

*As the ancient Greek knew, ecstasy is a subjective experience of total involvement. In classical Greek literature it refers to removal of the mind or body “from its normal place of function.” Now, don't we all need a little bit more of that.


Carlos Enfedaque

Carmen De Vos

Mathieu V. Staelens

Polly Pollet




Polly Pollet was invited to have her own stand at Affordable Art Fair Brussels in Tour & Taxis, Brussels. 

Her interactive stand invited the visitors to leave a message on the foreseen wall next to the exhibition of her work.



This time, we are leading a project in Brussels, for Brussels. By connecting the world of art and skateboarding, our aim is to fund skate lessons in Brussels for the ones who can’t afford it. Throughout the summer, we are gathering Belgian artists in our gallery and turning it into an ephemeral artist residency.

Each week, one or two artists will occupy the gallery as their own workplace and create a very limited edition of unique skateboard decks. At the end of each creative process, the gallery opens its doors to anyone interested in joining the artists in their universe and discovering their unique creations. 50% of the sales of the boards will finance skateboarding lessons for underprivileged youth in Brussels.





2023 - 'POLLY EXPRESS', Indiandribble, Brussels, Belgium

2022 - Featured artist at Affordable Art Fair, Tour & Taxis, Brussels

2019 - Polly Pollet, Foorumi, Knokke-Le-Zoute, Belgium


2019 - Bruxsel Project with THE SKATEROOM x Polly Pollet, Brussels, Belgium


2019 - Artist in residence at the Cultural Centre 'De Steiger', Menen



2022 - 'Ékstasis' at Shame Gallery, Sablon, Brussels, Belgium

2022 - 'HANDS UP', Beursschouwburg, Brussels

2021 - 'F*CK YOU', Kunstenhuis Harelbeke, curated by Klaus Verscheure, Belgium


2021 - 'End of summer', Foorumi, Knokke-Le-Zoute, Belgium


2021 - 'Art United at Fire is Gold festival / Ampere open air', Curated by S.M.A.K, Belgium


2021 - 'Masters versus upcoming talents' , Foorumi, Knokke-Le-Zoute, Belgium


2020 - French Fries, Brooklyn, USA

2019 - New Horizon, Foorumi, Knokke-Le-Zoute, Belgium


2019 - Desolation Nation - As They Grow Roots, Destelheide, Belgium


2019 - Erotica, Felippo Ioco Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


2019 - European Custom Board Collective Show #2, Bordeaux, France


2019 - GEBROED!, Cultural Centre 'De Steiger', Menen, Belgium


2019 - 'BE...' - Querencia Studio, Brooklyn, USA 


2018 - 'Handen', Het Hofke, Turnhout, Belgium


2018 - Loes Koster Gallery, Groningen, The Netherlands


2018 - 'Neon Butthole Tattoo Parlor' in collaboration with Porous Walker and team in the studio of Tom Sachs, New York, USA


2018 - 'This is not a ... ', Ghost Gallery, Brooklyn, USA


2017 - 'Room With A View' at FOORUMI #129, Knokke, Belgium


2017 - MAGMA, Berlin, Germany


2017 - No name, collaboration with Porous Walker, One Grant Gallery, Portland, USA


2017- Life Drawing at the European Commision, Brussels, Belgium


2016 - 'Sorry, not sorry' Street art festival, Ghent, Belgium



Campo Victoria, Ghent, Belgium