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PROJECT FUKIT ✴︎ explained

Polly Pollet project fukit

In her early twenties, a pen drawing of a middle finger of hers went viral and eventually sent Polly Pollet all the way up to the United States.

It all started innocently with a picture of a signed finger on Instagram but ran wild when a business plan was excepted by a Ghent-based University College’s business center.

All of a sudden people from all over the world started sending her photographs and requests to draw their hands and fingers. Endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, she immediately saw the opportunity to launch Project Fukit. We speak 2016.

In the midst of a personal crisis, she metaphorically raised her middle finger to some established institutions and chose the unforced path of endless artistic possibilities.

In the meantime, she drew many hands and fingers of people who kept on sending her pictures, stipulating only one condition: every sender also gives an address to send the drawing. The recipients only get the drawing, nothing more.

Drawings of Pollet’s middle fingers are now circulating in Burkina Faso, Italy, Germany, and the United States which makes Project Fukit a life-long project and the artist a cative mediator.

Text written by Koen Jules Van Damme -


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