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'In Conversation with' - Group Exhibition



Here's why: we’re all connected in a way. As the stories of our lives develop, they intersect with those of the people around us, challenging preconceptions, bringing nuance and in doing so, adding richness and flavor. Complexity, too - it’s what makes it worth our while. Living, in this sense, is the act of being in conversation with everyone and everything around you.

Pieces of art, too, have a life of their own. They come into existence meaning one thing, quickly to be supplemented by the millions of personal meanings that spectators attach to them. Talking about pieces of art can lead to new perspectives. Or the mere act of placing two previously unrelated works next to each other can open an entirely new dialogue. 

“In conversation with” aims to put a spotlight on this constant process back-and-forth by inviting different artists, coming from a true variety of backgrounds. Sometimes, their works will complement each other quite organically. At other times, the conversation might be more rough and unexpected. We are sure there is value in all of them, though.

Experience the polyphony with us, and come add your own voice to the mix, too.

Artists: Anthony Duffeleer, Anthony Leenders, Haleh Chinikar, Hans Temmerman, Hernan Marin, Polly Pollet, Romane Iskaria, Sam Scarpulla, Steven Antonio Manes

More info soon!



Exhibition dates: The exhibition will open on June 15, 2024, and will continue for a duration of three weeks, concluding on July 7, 2024. Address: Pand00x

Blekersstraat 1 00X, Kortrijk


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