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This was 'POLLY EXPRESS' a solo exhibition, drawn in ballpoint

Belgian Artist Polly Pollet solo exhibition with drawings made in ballpoint together with indiandribble
Picture by Paul Declercq

Yeah, legend says that everyone who came to the opening is still recovering. Full house and an incredible crowd who passed by to see the exhibition and enjoy the concerts of Kids of The Elephant and Willem Van den Eynde. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



INTO THE NIGHT Whether you have been working late hours, or you are simply craving a late-night snack, the night shop presents itself as a safe haven for every city-dweller. With its bright lights and ubiquitous brands, it offers constant access to the goods we need or crave. But what does it mean to be able to consume at will?

Polly takes you to an upgraded night shop in Brussels and invites you to take a closer look at the products we so often buy without giving them a second thought.

By reclaiming an old night shop and filling it with her art, she challenges our notions of consumerism and the hold that marketing has on our attention spans.

So come on in, and see if you can withstand the temptation.

Special thanks to Vitrine by Indiandribble to make this exhibition possible.



The exhibition didn't pass unnoticed. The Art Couch, a magazine specialised in the Belgian contemporary art scène, wrote an article about the exhibition.


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