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Ataraxian Paradox is an extensive criss-cross collage of cameras whose significance metaphorically refers to the way we as citizens are shamelessly objectified to data by governments and by ourselves.

Belgian Artist Polly Pollet with drawings made in ballpoint  collage technique
Ataraxian Paradox, 2019

From this camera point of view, our personality seems to be of secondary or absent importance. In some Chinese states, human beings are rated by facial recognition as a daily state affair practice. This kind of societal development were prophesied through the dystopian novels of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984, writers for whom the artist herself shows respect and admiration. Ataraxia means as much as "ideal peace of mind, emotionless and resigned."

Belgian Artist Polly Pollet with drawings made in ballpoint  sketchbook

"The title refers to the thoughts of the Greek philosophers Pyrro and Epicurus. The term states a lucid state of robust equanimity, characterised by ongoing freedom from distress and worry. - In digital times we tend to create our own "Ataraxian Paradox" where we show ourselves through filters on social media losing the true being of who we really are. Find real beauty in what surrounds you. Every detail of life is a gift and we lose it from time to time behind our blue screen. Look up and explore." - Polly Pollet

Text written by Koen Jules Van Damme -


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