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Group exhibition in the Flemish Ardennes

En cours de route is an initiative in which various artists briefly exhibit together at a unique location in the Flemish Ardennes. There is no theme, no predefined format, no curator; it is a passage of artists at a location that facilitates conversations and interaction, en cours de route.

En cours de route is initiated by Anthony Duffeleer and supported by IDEEELL, also the location of ...en cours de route 2023... and located in a former chicory factory, De Lelie, and currently home to Delmulle Delmulle architects

Participating artists

Guillaume Bijl

Toon Boeckmans


Anthony Duffeleer

Kris Martin

Polly Pollet

Simon Verheylesonne

WHEN? September 16 - September 17, 2023 11 a.m. > 6 p.m. WHERE?

IDEEELL Kortrijkstraat 28 9790 Petegem-aan-de-Schelde BELGIUM HOW?

By invitation only - send me an invite



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